Pearl Collection

Our pearl collection adds tasteful elegance and timeless beauty to a room with the lustrous shimmer of pearl. Pearls have the appearance of sandblasted glass with more warmth and coverage options than real sandblasting and are easier to clean because the glass is smooth on both sides. Pearls are available in solid coverage, are used in many of our standard design collections, or can be incorporated into your custom design.

Seven pearl options provide a broad range of translucencies. The pearl density number refers to the percentage of visible light transmitted through the glass.

allison pearl glass

10642 Allison (PD72)

bethany pearl glass

00165 Bethany (PD68)

charlotte pearl glass

00169 Charlotte (PD60)

diana pearl glass

00167 Diana (PD55)

emilee pearl glass

00171 Emilee (PD52)

francesca pearl glass

00140 Francesca (PD35)

gabriela pearl glass

00328 Gabriela (PD28)