Classics Collection

Our classic collection is comprised of timeless line, dot, and tile patterns in whites and pearls, available in a wide variety of pattern sizes and light transmission options. Get the beautiful look of sandblasted glass with the ease of care and cleaning of laminated safety glass. Classic patterns are available in sizes up to 60" x 144".

pinstripe glass

00092 Pinstripes

gingham glass

00192 Gingham

pillar glass

00507 Pillar

checkmate glass

00573 Checkmate

negative squares glass

00605 Negative Squares

rigato glass

00690 Rigato

lyric glass

00692 Lyric

urban glass

00701 Urban

tetra glass

00849 Tetra

patches glass

00923 Patches

squares glass

00931 Squares

blueprint glass

00993 Blueprint

ponto glass

01405 Ponto

pebbles glass

01406 Pebble

mission glass

11053 Mission

frosted pebble glass

11176 Frosted Pebble

rayas glass

12529 Rayas

traits glass

12558 Traits