Gradient Collection

Gradient or fade patterns provide an interesting decorative element and control visibility while allowing light transmission into a space.


Our gradients are available in virtually any color or special pigment.  In a fade pattern, the color transitions from full coverage at one edge of the glass to transparent or nearly transparent at the opposite edge. The rate of transition and the transparency of the ink itself can each be controlled to achieve the degree of privacy and light transmission characteristics that are desired. A double fade can fade from transparent at each edge to solid in the center, or from solid at each edge to transparent in the center.


Decorative glass with a gradient pattern is well-suited for health care facilities, classrooms, office environments, or other applications where privacy and openness are both priorities.


Our gradient patterns can be modified to include different levels of solid or clear, to fade over shorter or longer areas, or to include a double fade.


13966 White Dot Gradient


12658 White Sputter Gradient


13623 White Spray Gradient

16176 White Feather Gradient


14391 White Line Gradient


14393 Black Hex Gradient


14395 Black Diamond Gradient

16507 White Ocean Ripple Gradient

14397 Black Wave Gradient

14398 Black Squiggle Gradient

14399 Black Triangle Gradient

14400 Black Clam Gradient

14401 Black Circle Gradient

14402 Black Jagged Gradient

14403 Black Cross Gradient

14404 Black Segment Gradient

14406 Black Chevron Gradient

14407 White Crosshatch Gradient

14427 White Horizontal Line Feather Gradient 816

14428 White Horizontal Line Feather Gradient 88

14429 White Vertical Line Feather Gradient 816

14430 White Vertical Line Feather Gradient 88




White Sputter gradient with clear glass at top in a medical manufacturing facility Top and bottom Sputter gradients with clear center area in custom color featured in a display case