Full Spectrum Digital Images

Beautifully customize exhibits, signs, feature walls, storefronts, doors, and more with custom digital images in glass. Natural materials such as wood and stone are beautifully simulated, text and logos are clear and well-defined, and all the richness of high quality photography can be captured with our digital images, which are the highest resolution with the richest color saturation available.  


Full Spectrum is appropriate for non-photographic digital images. Translucency and color are controllable to result in the perfect compliment to your application.


Full Spectrum escalator at night, Hyatt Cincinnati Full Spectrum curtain wall, JBJ Soul Homes, Philadelphia


Photographic is available in: 

Crystal, which is clear, allowing the image to be visible from both sides and light to shine through. It adds color and imagery to a space or divides a room for traffic or sound when it is still necessary to see through the glass, such as in a waiting room or playroom.

Niveous, with a translucent soft white backing which provides vibrancy to the image while maintaining good light transmission. Niveous can be backlit, such as a bar front, and can be configured for single or two-sided viewing.

Solitude, with a nearly opaque backing. It is most suitable for use against another surface, such as in an elevator cab or as a wall covering.

Hallway art, Maimonides Children's Hospital, New York City Signage at Madagascar Exhibit, Bronx Zoo, New York City




We specialize in working with customers to develop custom glass that meets their unique goals. Call us about using digitally-imaged glass in your next project.