Architectural Decorative Glass


McGrory Glass acquired Imaging Sciences in February 2017. The decorative glass industry is growing rapidly, and the integration of Imaging Sciences and McGrory Glass will provide the architectural community with the very best film and glass graphic products.

Because of its beauty and practicality, glass has become a core structural and design element in architecture. Architectural glass provides a connection with the outdoors, allows illumination by natural light, and is the medium through which color, theme, and creative expression are introduced to a space.

McGrory creates decorative film interlayers that gets printed then laminated between two or more panels of glass. McGrory offers a wide variety of decorative printed film options that combine customization, 
durability, and beauty with the benefits of laminated safety glass.

This website can give you only a flavor of the limitless design possibilities available with our decorative glass products.  We have worked with many of the world's premier architects and designers to achieve their vision, and our staff  looks forward to putting its knowledge of glass, light transmission, color, and special looks to work in helping you to achieve yours.